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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Modeling Updates

Back in September, I tried out for the ArenaNet Internship... I learned a lot from these art tests actually... I hope they do this every year! I'm definitely down.

Here's the concept provided by ArenaNet

And my submission!

The poly count came with a pretty loose guideline, so I milked the high count for what it was worth. 7220 tris.
This is the first time i tried retopologizing in zBrush. I'm glad I learned it, but I think I might do much more cleanup in Maya next time...

Some more beauty shots of the finished lo-res (click to enlarge)

And the hi-res zBrush models (same deal!)
Posed him a little too in zBrush! It's a little hard as I'm still working on 3.5 and I don't have those great tools in 4.

 And of course the maps- Diffuse, normal, and specular.

In other news, doing a model in my spare time- going is slow but I'm definitely not losing any love for it.

Trying to form a different sort of workflow- I made an armature with zSpheres in zBrush and pulled at the shapes until I had the sort of form I wanted. zbrush makes it a lot easier to shake forms the way you want, but it's much harder to clean geometry, so I took the low-res geometry from that lowest subdiv level on the zSphere armature and I'm working out the details and edgeflow. You can see I havn't reached the hands and feet, and there's a lot of unneeded loops on that arm- we'll get it clean and ship it back to zBrush when the form needs to be manipulated any more, or make a nice pass for hi-res modeling and normal/bump/displacement maps.

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