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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pneumatic Clay

So I spent the day watching zBrush tutorials and being generally overwhelmed and intimidated. After quite a few hours of that, I spent the rest of the day playing.

I'm getting the gist of combining alphas and brushes... but are they kind of cheap? Like Photoshop lens flare? Better look at more professional work and figure out what's good and what's out.

Haven't done much with asymmetry with this guy yet. Let's see if time is better spent on other things.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Need To get something up here.

Need to get something up that isn't a youTube of Jurassic Park.

A bit of classwork for my Constructive Animal Anatomy for Creature Design class. (What a mouthful.) This class is heaven for me, I've learned so much. Well, I'll have a full post on the finished project (after finals, phew) but for now, here's a really bad presentation of the head turnaround.
(click to enlarge)

It's a pretty complex class, and my first ever sequential one, so i decided to go much less stylized. Want to make this guy believable.

Anyway, for the head, I mainly used turtle skulls for construction, and then added a little of a spiny tail lizard for teeth action (to mix in with that beak). Also, instead of the flat tileish scales turtles have, more overlapping scales like the lepidosaurs (spiny tail lizard and mosasaurus) Ah again, I'll have a whole thing on it later.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Because... we're being... hunted.

Right, so I finally stopped procrastinating and got a blog for that whole 'art student's shameless self promotion' schpeal. A real one mind, the one for the trip doesn't count.

Well, I've been a bit of a dinosaur hobbyist from the very beginning, (well, I suppose moreso biology and archaeobiology) so it seems that a Jurassic Park reference is in order.

She is a clever girl.

Hope everyone will like it as I build... next is the logo... can anyone guess what it will be?